Christian Education


A new Bible study begins Tuesday, May 9, from 10 to 11:30,with in-depth studies of Bible stories, their characters, their lives and relationship with God and with people. We begin with stories of some of Jesus' parables. Is the parable of the Prodigal Son really about the prodigal son? Are we, like the persistent widow before the stem judge, supposed to pester God with prayer until we get what we want? The study book is The Parables: Understanding What Jesus Meant by Gary Inrig, which will be provided. We encourage both men and women to bring to the group their love of the Bible and its stories. Please contact Elsie Oliver, 907-841-2329, for more information.

Adult Sunday School


Led by Todd Haworth, the class is studying the Gospel of Mark and coordinating with Pastor Wendy’s sermon series.  Class meets in the large room upstairs.

“How has the cultural landscape of the last 75 years changed roles of men and women in society? Why have we seen such a dramatic change in the fabric of our families and issues surrounding work, marriage, divorce, abortion, child bearing and child rearing?” Starting January 8th Pastor Smithson will lead a book discussion of Lionel Tiger’s “The Decline of Males.” Dr. Tiger worked as the Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University and provides some astonishing insights into the changes our culture has undergone in modern times. If you would like to participate in the class please contact Pastor Smithson by Monday, December 12th, so he can order enough copies of the book.

Elementary Classes

Wee Believe Pre-school Classes

PRESCHOOL CHILDREN, age three through five, with Lead Teacher Cindy Sofie and her assistant Jenn Wopperer learn of God’s love for them, and how to share that love using the GROWING IN GRACE AND GRATITUDE curriculum from PCUSA.  Meet in the room next to the nursery. 

Elementary Grades

Children in Grades one through five with teachers Christine Watkins, Sharon Bowen, and Marty Melcher learn of God’s grace through the GROWING IN GRACE AND GRATITUDE curriculum from PCUSA. Each lesson shares a Bible story that reveals God’s grace for us.. Class meets in Bethany room, lower level.

Children in Care during the Worship Service 

Our very young children in care during worship have lessons and activities from the DEEP BLUE curriculum of Abingdon Press guided by a select group of volunteers. The Nursery is located in the east wing off of the main hall.

Youth Classes - Middle and High School Students


Our youth, guided by Dan and Carrie Cobb will use two Gospel Light studies by Kara Powel; "The Armor of God" which focuses on Ephesians, and "The New Testament" which highlights the Gospels and Acts.  Class meets on lower level in B-6This class meets in the large room downstairs.


With teachers, Jeff and Amy Miller, students will explore a different style study named "Talk Sheets" by David Lynn of Youth Specialties. The Bible and how it is an important guide for the issues and activities in their daily lives.  Class meets upstairs in the Library.