1. Aaaachoooo! Flu Season is here! A flu shot will help protect you and your fellow FPC friends. AND, to help yourself stay healthy this fall/ winter…wash your hands often and keep your hands off your face. These simple 2 things will help stay healthy! It’s easy…..give it a try.

2. Hand sanitizer – You have probably noticed by now, we have installed wall foam hand sanitizers for your use. They are located near the kitchen, Fellowship Hall and restrooms. If you are preparing food, please use it before and after (or wash your hands), and before you eat.

3. Sharps boxes – A Sharps box, for needle disposal, has been installed in all of the bathrooms.

Advent is approaching fast! What better way to kick off a great Advent season than to come to the Advent Event. If you are new to the church, I'll explain the event. The Advent Event is held on the first Sunday of December every year. This year it will be on December 2nd. It is a wonderful time that is multigenerationalages babies through 100 years! It starts with many craft stations where you can try your hand at making Christmas crafts. It includes some easy crafts for the younger kids, as well as some more complicated ones for the adults. It also includes the now famous “make your own swags” station from evergreens and holly.

This one is one of the most popular station by everyone. Where else can you get a great swag for your door custom made by you?! After the crafts, it is followed up by a soup dinner. There will be at least 10 different kinds of homemade soups to choose from so every taste and dietary restrictions should be accommodated. After the delicious supper, we go into the church and watch a delightful Christmas play by our own children. When the play is over, we adjourn into the fellowship hall and we all enjoy a birthday cake for the baby Jesus. The time for the event is from 4 pm - 7pm. You can come for some of it, or all of it- but just come!

So what do you need to do now? If you have any children in your life, (your children, your grandchildren, your neighbor's children), have them come and be in the play. The practices are going to start on November 11th. at 11 AM. The children will practice in another room, while the 11 AM church service is going on. There will be parts for everyone from very easy to more detailed.

If you have any evergreens, holly etc. that you are willing to cut and bring to the church for December 2nd let us know. We never can have too much. We will have a collection area for the greens the week before December 2nd. If you are willing to cook one of the soups, please call Pam Fosnes at 452-4331 and let her know. This is one of the greatest events the church puts on. Don't miss this great family fun night! I hope to see you there!

Pam Fosnes

See the article on the Connection Center or Mission and Outreach Pages. Join other FPCPA members for this fulfilling, fun, and important ministry!

School is starting soon and supplies are on sale. So it’s time to shop for the children who will need help with their supplies this year. Both students and teachers appreciate our help. Thanks for helping out!!
Below is a list of needed items.

Ticonderoga or Dixon yellow pencils
24 pack Crayola Crayons
12 pack Crayola colored pencils
12 pack Crayola markers
Pink erasers
Pencil sharpeners
Elmer’s glue sticks


Student scissors
1 inch – 3 ring binders
Cute Peechees
Pencil boxes or pouches
Spiral theme notebooks
Notebook paper
Notebook dividers

It's time to start preparing for Operation Christmas Child! This project of Samaritan's Purse International Relief gives us the op-portunity to fill shoeboxes with small gifts for children in diffi-cult circumstances around the world as a way we can help demon-strate God’s love to children in need of hope and joy. These chil-dren may be refugees from civil war, survivors of natural disaster, or victims of extreme poverty.
The preprinted boxes from Samaritan's Purse will be available at church soon, along with labels to attach. You can also use a standard size shoebox or plastic container of a similar size. First decide if your box will be for a boy or a girl, age 2 to 4, 5 to 9, or 10 to 14, and indicate this on your label. Gift ideas include small toys, school and art supplies, hygiene items, small clothing items such as socks and T-shirts, or whatever you think might be enjoyed.
As always, do not include liquids, war-related toys, used or damaged items, food, toothpaste, andy kind of candy, aerosol cans, or anything breakable. . The suggested donation to help with shipping is now $9, but no box will be reject-ed for lack of a donation. Often some who aren't packing boxes of their own con-tribute money to sponsor boxes, and that's a good way to help, too.
When you have filled your box, tape the label to the top and place a rubber band around the closed box. Bring it to church by November 19th, and it will be taken to a collection center for shipment. Some people now make their donation online at and are able to print out labels which allow them to track their boxes.
If you have extra gifts not needed for your own box, or anything you'd like to con-tribute, the Elementary Sunday School class will organize and pack some boxes.
As we prepare, remember to pray for all those involved in dis-tribution of the boxes, and especially for the children who will receive them, and for their families and communities. Call Chris Watkins (360-457-0173) with any questions.