Sunday, April 11th, SECOND SUNDAY of EASTER 

Pastor Matt's sermon "Together Again" is based on Acts 4:32-35 with an additional reading from John 20:19-31. The Gospel and Acts lessons portray post-resurrection life among Jesus' followers. It is a life marked with amazement, joy, doubt, and the overcoming of fear. It is also a life of sharing, proclamation, and unity in the Spirit. The community of Christ is called to live in community, but in doing so they also demonstrate the Gospel. Together, and with resurrection power, they become the body of Christ. Imagine what we able to accomplish in Christ together that we cannot on our own!

Virtual Book Club - "A Gentleman in Moscow"

Thursday,April 15 at 10:30 am

 gentleman in Moscow “A Gentleman in Moscow” is the New York Times Best Seller selection by Amor Towles for our virtual book read for April. It is the story of Count Alexander Rostov who is an aristocrat sentenced to house arrest in the Metropol for writing a poem calling the people to revolt. He is sentenced to live his life in a hotel attic room during a period of unrest and wars. It’s a work of historical fiction with moral discipline, romance, comedy, intrigue all combined to make this a superior read..

Everyone is welcome to join as we meet on Zoom the third Thursday monthly at 10:30 AM. The link is published in the Highlights, the weekly e-news, and the Sunday bulletin. For further information call Ardith Hansel  (217-649-5418) or Pat Hyden (360-457-1843).
Join the Zoom meeting at:
If you want to be a part of it but cannot connect by Zoom you can call on the phone at 1-253-215-8782. 
Meeting ID: 819 7030 4154   Passcode: 011913

Dark waters

Reel Reflections: Dark WatersThursday, April 22 -Movie at 6:30 pm*/Discussion at 8:30 pm, all via Zoom

A corporate environmental defense attorney is approached by a West Virginia farmer seeking help confronting a chemical company that he believes is responsible for the death of his cattle. The only problem is that Rob Bilott’s firm has built its reputation defending chemical companies.
Thinking he can settle the matter quickly, Bilott reluctantly decides to take the case. It would only be the beginning of a 15-year fight that would expose a massive coverup by one of the world’s largest chemical companies.The environment is our focus for an Earth Month Reel Reflections showing of Dark Waters, featuring Mark Ruffalo as the real-life Rob Bilott. The movie explores biblical themes of justice seeking, perseverance in faith, and speaking truth to power. Please join us via Zoom on Thursday, April 15, for a modern-day “David vs. Goliath” story at our next Reel Reflections.
Join us, via Zoom, for a virtual Reel Reflections on Thursday, April 22.
ID: 896 2975 8145 IPasscode: 852194
*Note: we will stream the movie via Zoom at 6:30 pm, but we strongly recommend that you contact the church office first to test your system. If you prefer, you may watch the movie on your own and then join us for the discussion at approximately 8:30 pm.

Corona Virus Vaccine Information
Congratulations to those of you who have already received your vaccination. One more to go!
Here is the on-line information for making an appointment with the State Department of Health for getting your shot. They do not recommend calling them directly as the lines are usually continually busy. Their number is (360) 417-2430.

  1.  Go to
  2.  The top line in the Current Issues Tab says 2019 Novel Coronavirus Info. Click on that.
  3.  On the next screen, second from bottom, left side, click on Vaccine information.
  5.  Go through about 18 screens answering the questions.
  6.  At the end, print the form or take a picture of it with your phone. I could not print ours, so I took at a picture.
  7.  At the very bottom of that form, there will be a website to click on to make an appointment. Currently, appointments cannot be made until Friday January 29th, so you end up on a page to complete an email to the Washington State Department of Health. Write an email telling them that you need to make an appointment and click “send”. They will send a return email back quickly giving you a website to make an appointment.

The entire process is pretty easy. It just takes time. If you need help filling out the form or with transportation, please contact your Deacon. If you are not sure who your Deacon is, please contact the church office at (360) 452-4781.

Congregation Notice Regarding Reopening Guidelines
The Reopening Task Force recommends that we resume in-person worship beginning Sunday, April 11, with two services. Seating will be limited to 38 worshipers per service in the Sanctuary, in accordance with social distancing guidelines. Services will be conducted according to the church’s reentry guidelines for COVID safety and sanitation. Reservations will be required. The link to an online reservation page will be provided. More information to follow.

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COVID-19 Exposure Control, Mitigation and Recovery Plan for In-Person Worship March 29, 2021

Faith Build 2020 Habitat for Humanity

It all started with a woman with a vision (Anna Nichols). With the generous support of our committted Missions and Outreach Committee and scores of individuals from our congregation helping with fund raising, wall raising, and every other building phase (including feeding the crew), Kaeli will soon get the keys to her family’s new home. Many thanks to all the donors and volunteers; it would not have happened without you.

So, come celebrate!


Financial Help
If you are needing some financial help during this pandemic time, please email the office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 360-452-4781..

New Devotionals are Available

The new These Days and Upper Room are now available. Let the office know if you want one and we will see that you get one. They will also be on the desk outside the office.

Upper Room conducts a live daily morning prayer meditation on its Facebook page at https:// RoomCenter/. It begins at 9 am Pacific time. In addition, the Upper Room web site offers a page of other online devotional resources at It includes a daily email you can subscribe to, podcasts and videos, and more.

Masks Needed
In preparation for our opening for worship and knowing that everyone will be required to wear a face mask, we are looking for cloth masks that could be handed out. We will have disposables available as well. If you are making masks and would like to donate a few, that would be greatly appreciated. Just let the office know by emailing Rita at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Thank you.

Directory Updates
We are working on updating the directory. Please let us know if you have any changes to your
address, phone numbers, emails or birthday & anniversaries. Thank you.