Flowers beautify the Sanctuary of our church, and are a gift to God and those who attend our worship services. Flowers are not in the operating budget of our church; it is our hope that our members and friends will sign up to bring flowers. The bouquets will be placed on one or two pedestals next to the stairs at the front of the Sanctuary (depending on whether you sign up to bring one or two bouquets). The flowers will add subtle touches of beauty to ouratmosphere. Donating flowers is a meaningful way to honor or remember a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion

BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENT: Dedications will be printed every Sunday at the end of the worship bulletin. Due to the allocated space in the bulletin, your flower dedication will appear as follows: "The Sanctuary flowers are given today by [Given By] in memory/honor of [Name of Honoree]" or "The Sanctuary flowers are given today by [Given By] in celebration of [Event]." The Sanctuary flowers are given today by [Given By} in thanksgiving for [name or names of Honoree].

SIGN-UP SHEETS: We’re looking for donations throughout the year.If you’d like to sign-up for a particular Sunday to bring a bouquet of flowers, please use the sign-up sheet in the Fellowship Hall. Thank you for blessing our sanctuary and worship service! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the church office.

We sent an earlier email for you, to look at the on-line directory through Servant Keeper. Servant Keeper is a program that the church uses to record your financial contributions and produces statements that are sent out quarterly. It is also a database that the church is using. The on-line directory provides ways for you to change your address, email addresses, phone numbers-listed or unlisted, pictures of you and your family and a whole lot more.

Since we had some software problems, another email will be sent to you shortly. Please follow the link and it will direct you to make up your new password. Then check all the information. Thank you! This will help us with a new directory in 2019.

1. Aaaachoooo! Flu Season is here! A flu shot will help protect you and your fellow FPC friends. AND, to help yourself stay healthy this fall/ winter…wash your hands often and keep your hands off your face. These simple 2 things will help stay healthy! It’s easy…..give it a try.

2. Hand sanitizer – You have probably noticed by now, we have installed wall foam hand sanitizers for your use. They are located near the kitchen, Fellowship Hall and restrooms. If you are preparing food, please use it before and after (or wash your hands), and before you eat.

3. Sharps boxes – A Sharps box, for needle disposal, has been installed in all of the bathrooms.