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Opportunities for Volunteering and Giving


Critical Home Repair Project

(Vee Canning, Project Liaison)

Will you join me in making critical home repair a reality for one disabled low-income homeowner in Port Angeles? This woman is in need of a new roof and an exterior paint job. A professional roofer will be hired for the roof tear off and replacement. Volunteers are needed for prepping and painting the home’s exterior.

Is God placing it on your heart to contribute to this need in our community, whether through contributing financially, providing labor and/or upholding this effort in prayer? Please contact Vee Canning, (360)808-2426 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you are interested in being a part of this project.

Something to consider: Many households have been devastated by the pandemic and the “stimulus” payments have been a matter of survival. But many households have not been economically hard hit by the pandemic. I recently heard this benevolent appeal by a financial advisor for how the financially stable might use the money from our stimulus payments (below). Moved by her compassion, I thought, “If secular leaders are recommending this approach, how then should we as the church respond?”

Hear these words:
“And it’s those of you who are financially stable that I want to talk to about how to use your stimulus payouts… I am going to ask you to think beyond your financial situation. Right now, there are so many families suffering severe financial stress. If ever there was a time to Put. People. First—it is now, my friends.

While there is never anything wrong with continuing to build more financial security for yourself, I think there is an important opportunity right now for those who don’t “need” the federal stimulus to share it with those who do.

This is such a life-affirming stand-in-the-truth moment. If you still have your job, if you already have a good-sized emergency fund and you’re saving for retirement, I am asking you to consider giving your stimulus money to those who are in need. I ask you to open your heart and your wallet to those around you in this time of need.” ~Suze Orman 

Missions Committee Update

The Missions Committee gets a lot of thank-you’s from the mission organizations FPCPA supports. Here’s a sampling.

Presbyterian Mission – for the $1,425 given to One Great Hour of Sharing in March.
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance – “We cannot touch them all…but we can pray, and we can give, and when we do, we become a visible witness of the loving heart of God, and the hands and feet of Jesus. With gratitude and peace."
Pakistan Bible Correspondence School – Pray for our current and new students, for the PBCS staff, for the online project that will develop video-based content for youth, for finances. Thank you!
Habitat for Humanity – You are making the dream of homeownership that much closer to coming true for our family partners. 
Port Angeles Food Bank -We love you and all you do for the community. Keeping people fed is vital! In sincerest appreciation.

Food Bank Donations Now Accepted

The Missions Committee was not able to organize our Port Angeles Food Bank food drive this year because of Covid protocols.  However, the food bank is transitioning to a new and larger building on Oakridge Street behind McCrorie Carpets and west of Walmart.  With the increased space they are able to quarantine food without risk of exposure.  Someone will be there to give you a receipt if you need one.  The number of people being served by the food bank has increased so your donations are more important than ever. Thank you for your continued support for our community!

TAFY- During these times

shelter others. That is great, but I have been told from a few that have stayed there, it made them feel paranoid, because they were placed in an enclosed space with others they don't know and they felt like they couldn't distance themselves well enough from everyone. We, at TAFY, are always encouraging people to quit using drugs, and to get the treatment they need. As we are quickly approaching the Holidays, a time that can be especially discouraging when they realize they don't have the "Hallmark family and celebrations", I am asking for extra prayers to this vulnerable population. We appreciate
TAFY during these times
I have been asked to give an update on how TAFY is doing during these times of Covid isolation, etc. It is true that the homeless are affected by the isolation a lot. Depression has increased. When you are already isolated from the mainstream population, by the lifestyle you pursue, being told to isolate even further can have a devastating result. We have seen three suicides recently. Also, where can they safely isolate to? There is a shelter that is being set aside to isolate those that are positive for Covid. Since we haven't had that many Covid cases in Port Angeles (thankfully), it is being used to
greatly how the Saturday meals are continued to be brought every other month. They are always delicious, and one of the best meals they receive. They always know that when the Presbyterian Church brings the meal, it will be great. I know that they can feel the love and caring that meal represents. We want to thank the Presbyterian Church for its continued support in so many ways. TAFY continues as before, providing meals, clothes, minor medical attention, and often times, just an ear to listen. We ask you for continued prayer.
In His service,
Pam Carnahan

Mission and Outreach Committee Focus

The Mission and Outreach committee has served by seeking the will of God in helping to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and globally. We are thankful for the faithful giving of our members. The session approved our request that they provide 13.5% (thirteen and a half percent) of the total church budget for missions.
    We support Presbyterian Missions, both in our Northwest Coast Presbytery and through the Presbyterian Church (USA) missions worldwide at the general assembly level.
    We also support these missionaries: the Pearsons under JAARS-Wycliffe Translators, the Hongos under Christian Vision. We support the following Presbyterian Church (USA) mission co-workers—Dr. Martha Sommers, Jeff and Christi Boyd and Rev. Renee and Justin Sundberg. If you would like to know how to contact these people and to know what they do, the mission and outreach committee will be happy to connect them to you.