Missions & Outreach


FYI--Missions and Outreach Committee
The Missions and Outreach Committee has had several inquiries regarding what sort of financial help we have been able to direct toward local needs during the pandemic. Local expenditures through May include the following:

 Program  Amount paid thru May  2020 Committed Amount  
 TAFY  1000.00  2000.00  
 Friendship Dinner  261.79  1200.00  
 Clallam Habitat  2000.00  4000.00  
 PA Food Bank  750.00  2250.00  
 MANNA  1750.00  3500.00  

In addition to these local programs, the committee regularly supports several international, national and Washington State ministries. The total missions expenditures are approximately 4500.00 monthly. Your continued generosity is particularly appreciated during these times.

Tierra Nueva - New Earth
Tierra Nueva started in 1994 when Bob and Gracie Ekblad (founders) moved to Burlington, WA. Tierra Nueva, which means New Earth in Spanish began to take form when Bob began visiting immigrant workers in the nearby labor camps and served as a jail chaplain in the Skagit Valley area. Migrant and jail ministry continue to be the cornerstones of Tierra Nueva. By focusing on those marginalized by poverty, ethnicity, and crime, Tierra Nueva has developed a worshiping community where regular services are held.

The Family Support Center helps with emergency supplies, legal problems, assists with job and housing applications, and works with families in crisis. The jail ministry provides leadership for several Bible studies. Finally, Tierra Nueva’s mission includes equipping workers to take the good news of the gospel to their excluded brothers and sisters. To that end, they established the People’s Seminary as a center for scripture study and theology, rooted in active ministry with people on the margins.

TAFY- The Answer For Youth

The Answer for Youth is a drop in center that serves homeless and at risk teens and disadvantaged young adults. They have been open for several years now.TAFY was founded with Christian principles, and the founders frequently find opportunities to share their faith with the clients. They believe in a very personal ministry with the youth. In the years that they have been open, they have gone from around five youths a night to up to 70 youths at times! They serve hot food, have a washer and dryer, a shower, full clothes closet, and offer a variety of classes.
       For several years now, they have been cultivating an organic garden, so one of the classes is on cooking the food from the garden! They offer help with medical expenses like prescriptions, eye glasses and first aid. They provide celebrations for holidays, baby showers and birthdays. They are located at 826 East First Street.

Mission and Outreach Committee Focus

The Mission and Outreach committee has served by seeking the will of God in helping to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and globally. We are thankful for the faithful giving of our members. The session approved our request that they provide 13.5% (thirteen and a half percent) of the total church budget for missions.
    We support Presbyterian Missions, both in our Northwest Coast Presbytery and through the Presbyterian Church (USA) missions worldwide at the general assembly level.
    We also support these missionaries: the Pearsons under JAARS-Wycliffe Translators, the Hongos under Christian Vision. We support the following Presbyterian Church (USA) mission co-workers—Dr. Martha Sommers, Jeff and Christi Boyd and Rev. Renee and Justin Sundberg. If you would like to know how to contact these people and to know what they do, the mission and outreach committee will be happy to connect them to you.


Wednesday mornings 8 am at various restaurants for breakfast
This ministry provides driving services and other light tasks for those in our congregation who need assistance. Newcomers are welcomed. Contact: Steve DeBiddle 360.457.2997 or Ed Jaquins 360.457.9130 .