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For the past several years the congregation has donated packaged and canned food, household and cleaning supplies and toiletries to give to needy families at Christmas time.
This year, 2020, due to Covid-19, social distancing, and other restrictions we sadly are unable to provide this type of assistance. But the need is greater than ever. Instead, Session has approved that we give grocery gift cards to five families suggested by each of the five grade schools and up to five families from the congregation or known to members of the congregation (a total of 30 families).
We are asking you to donate money to help us give these Christmas gifts.  The amount given to each family will be based on the amount of money we receive and the size of each family.  You can donate by making out a check to First Presbyterian Church and writing “Christmas Baskets” in the memo line.  Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated! Donations must be received by Friday, December 4. Thank You!
Questions: Rosalyn Taylor (360) 477-4062


FYI--Missions and Outreach Committee
The Missions and Outreach Committee has had several inquiries regarding what sort of financial help we have been able to direct toward local needs during the pandemic. Local expenditures through May include the following:

As you might expect, COVID-19 has made a significant impact on human and social service organizations that are dependent on donations. The words of thanks that follow are in response to FPCPA’s continued financial support of some of these organizations even in these difficult times.

PORT ANGELES FOOD BANK: Thank you for your thoughtful donation. It is donations like yours that allow us to buy nutritious food from our partner agency, Food Lifeline. Additionally, we try to purchase nutritious food from as many local providers as we can, thus supporting our community even more.

MANNA: We thank FPCPA for their compassion and assisting MANNA to serve those in need of agape.. MANNA thanks you for your continued facility support which is critical to provide support for our clients seeking help.

PRESBYTERIAN DISASTER ASSISTANCE: Through your continued commitment to ongoing disaster response, you have spoken the language of love in a tangible, impactful way, offering a gift that helps to bring renewed hope and joy to those individuals and communities suffering from disaster and its aftermath.

PRESBYTERIAN MISSION ENGAGEMENT AND SUPPORT: Your church’s support changes lives for the sake of the Gospel not only here but also around the world. Thank you for your witness to the Great Commission and your support of the Presbyterian Mission Agency. You are a valued partner in mission.

TAFY- During these times

shelter others. That is great, but I have been told from a few that have stayed there, it made them feel paranoid, because they were placed in an enclosed space with others they don't know and they felt like they couldn't distance themselves well enough from everyone. We, at TAFY, are always encouraging people to quit using drugs, and to get the treatment they need. As we are quickly approaching the Holidays, a time that can be especially discouraging when they realize they don't have the "Hallmark family and celebrations", I am asking for extra prayers to this vulnerable population. We appreciate
TAFY during these times
I have been asked to give an update on how TAFY is doing during these times of Covid isolation, etc. It is true that the homeless are affected by the isolation a lot. Depression has increased. When you are already isolated from the mainstream population, by the lifestyle you pursue, being told to isolate even further can have a devastating result. We have seen three suicides recently. Also, where can they safely isolate to? There is a shelter that is being set aside to isolate those that are positive for Covid. Since we haven't had that many Covid cases in Port Angeles (thankfully), it is being used to
greatly how the Saturday meals are continued to be brought every other month. They are always delicious, and one of the best meals they receive. They always know that when the Presbyterian Church brings the meal, it will be great. I know that they can feel the love and caring that meal represents. We want to thank the Presbyterian Church for its continued support in so many ways. TAFY continues as before, providing meals, clothes, minor medical attention, and often times, just an ear to listen. We ask you for continued prayer.
In His service,
Pam Carnahan


Wednesday mornings 8 am at various restaurants for breakfast
This ministry provides driving services and other light tasks for those in our congregation who need assistance. Newcomers are welcomed. Contact: Steve DeBiddle 360.457.2997 or Ed Jaquins 360.457.9130 .


A big THANK YOU to everyone who donated school supplies and money for supplies...over $700 was received!! As a result of your generosity we were able to provide 40 pencil boxes filled with all needed supplies to the YMCA. The Y has been contracted by the school district to provide full time day care. Many of the children are from working-poor families. The Y Staff was extremely grateful to receive this support. Lucy Edwards also got 12 filled pencil boxes for her kindergarteners.

We were also able to supply two boxes of supplies to four of our grade schools that were made available on the days the parents and children met their teachers. Because of Covid many families have been out of work and these supplies were greatly needed.

Lastly, (in lieu of cookies) thanks to the Mission Committee and a specific donation, we supplied baskets of wrapped snacks and coffee pods to all five grade schools and Joyce High School. Teaching solely online this is an especially difficult time for the teachers and staff as they educate our children. This outreach, that was greatly appreciated by all, was a small way to let them know that the Presbyterian Church appreciates their hard work and dedication.

Again, thank you as all of these things were made possible through your wonderful generosity!! Sheri Stutesman

Mission and Outreach Committee Focus

The Mission and Outreach committee has served by seeking the will of God in helping to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and globally. We are thankful for the faithful giving of our members. The session approved our request that they provide 13.5% (thirteen and a half percent) of the total church budget for missions.
    We support Presbyterian Missions, both in our Northwest Coast Presbytery and through the Presbyterian Church (USA) missions worldwide at the general assembly level.
    We also support these missionaries: the Pearsons under JAARS-Wycliffe Translators, the Hongos under Christian Vision. We support the following Presbyterian Church (USA) mission co-workers—Dr. Martha Sommers, Jeff and Christi Boyd and Rev. Renee and Justin Sundberg. If you would like to know how to contact these people and to know what they do, the mission and outreach committee will be happy to connect them to you.


Saturday, December 5th
We are responsible for a dinner for the TAFY youth center on Decemer 5th  Because of our church’s closure this month the sign-up to help provide the meal had to be changed.  If you could provide a portion of a meal—a hot dish, salad, side dish, or dessert—please contact Marcia Logan @ 360-452-3535. Marcia will arrange pick-up and delivery with you.  Thank you for helping to continue this ministry to feed the young people of Port Angeles!

New food benefit helps students, families impacted by school closures

New food benefit helps students, families impacted by school closures

Families impacted by COVID-19-related school closures, and who receive free- or reduced-price meals at school may be eligible for extra food benefits under the Pandemic EBT Emergency School Meals Program, or P-EBT.

The new and temporary benefit will help families buy groceries because schools were closed, according to Public Health - Seattle & King County.

Any family with a child in grades K-12 who is eligible for free or reduced-price school meals -- including children who go to a school where meals are free for all students -- may apply.

P-EBT is for all students regardless of citizenship or immigration status. The maximum, one-time benefit is $399 per child. The amount is based on when a family applied for free or reduced-priced meals, or for Basic Food. P-EBT benefits are based on the number of school days that schools were closed.

Parents have until 5 p.m. Friday, September 11 to apply for the benefits online at WashingtonConnection.org (choose “Pandemic EBT - Emergency School Meals Program” in the Food Assistance section), or by calling the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) at 877-501-2233.

Know the name of your child’s school or school district; your child’s first and last name as it appears on enrollment records; and your child’s date of birth.

P-EBT cannot be used for non-food items; alcohol; hot or prepared foods; vitamins or medicine.