Missions & Outreach

July Food Bank Drive

A barrel is going to be provided in the fellowship hall in July for you to contribute your non-perishable food items.

What does a food bank need most of all?
1. Money-If you do not want to contribute a food item, consider writing a check to the church with a description that it is for the Port Angeles Food Bank. Sometimes the food bank has access to lower cost supplies than you or I do so your money can be used to buy what is essential to the food bank.
2. Canned meats-Think beyond tuna and soup. Go for canned beef, ham, chicken, and salmon. Or hearty ready-to-go meals like beef stew and chili with meat.
3. Canned vegetables-Everyone gives green beans. Instead, consider giving potatoes, carrots, spinach, peas or any other vegetables your family likes.
4. Canned fruit-Consider something other than pineapple that food banks get a lot of. Donate other fruit, particularly those in fruit juice without extra sugar, would be great. Dried fruit works too (raisins, etc.)
5. Boxed meals THAT REQUIRE ONLY WATER. Hamburger helper isn’t helpful if you don’t have hamburger.
6. Low-sugar cereals like plain Cheerios.
7. Peanut butter.
8. Instant oatmeal, instant grits.
9. Cans of beans.
10. Pasta, pasta sauce.
11. Biscuit or baking mixes (again that only require water)
12. Snack items for kids to take to school: juice boxes, applesauce containers, granola bars.
13. Diapers in sizes above newborn, plus wipes.
14. Toiletries: toothbrushes, soap, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo & conditioner, warm socks. Chap stick (consider someone living outside when it is cold)
15. Feminine hygiene products: unscented pads will be most universally used, not tampons.
16. Spices like cinnamon, oregano, basil, salt, pepper.

If you have any questions, call or email Tom McCulloch or the church office. 

Service to PA Schools

hamVolunteers2018 2

FPC volunteers helped Hamilton Elementary School receive the Washington State Achievement Award in 2016. We have completed another year of providing support to the students and staff of the Port Angeles Schools. Even though our main focus continues to be at Hamilton Elementary, we have tutors at all the elementary schools with a significant number at Roosevelt and Jefferson schools.
                When the new school year starts in the fall, consider how you could be involved in our local mission activity at the above elementary schools. Many of the terrific volunteers from last year, as well as those who missed the excitement, will take the opportunity to get involved. There are sign-up sheets available at the Connections Center in September.  If you have any questions, please contact Sheri Stutesman at 360-452-6139.

Our primary focus in the Port Angeles schools continues to be in two areas:
    Cookies: The first focus is that we provide baked cookies twice a month to the staffs at Hamilton, Jefferson and Roosevelt. One of our church members also makes cookies available to Lincoln School. This is a consistent reminder to the staff of how much we appreciate their hard work.
    Tutoring: Our second area is providing tutoring and support in the classrooms. Our classroom volunteers do a variety of jobs. The main focus is one-on-one tutoring with children as directed by the teacher. The basic needs are tutoring in reading, math, and/or sharing a tutoring opportunity. Some volunteers are an extra pair of hands to help with activities. Other volunteers support the teachers by filing, copying or any paperwork that needs to be done.

Mission and Outreach Committee Focus

The Mission and Outreach committee has served by seeking the will of God in helping to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and globally. We are thankful for the faithful giving of our members. The session approved our request that they provide 13.5% (thirteen and a half percent) of the total church budget for missions.
    We support Presbyterian Missions, both in our Northwest Coast Presbytery and through the Presbyterian Church (USA) missions worldwide at the general assembly level.
    We also support these missionaries: the Pearsons under JAARS-Wycliffe Translators, the Hongos under Christian Vision. We support the following Presbyterian Church (USA) mission co-workers—Dr. Martha Sommers, Jeff and Christi Boyd and Rev. Renee and Justin Sundberg. If you would like to know how to contact these people and to know what they do, the mission and outreach committee will be happy to connect them to you.

Clallam Bay Work Day

The Clallam Bay Presbyterian Church requests help from us to clean the inside of the church and to do yard work. The date of the work party is Saturday, July 21st. We will car pool from the church parking lot at 8 AM. Lunch will be provided by the church. We should be finished by mid-afternoon. Please sign up at the connection center. If you have any questions, please call Tom McCulloch at 360-417-8869.