Missions & Outreach


How is the gospel of Jesus Christ communicated in a country dominated by a 96% Muslim majority and a 25% literacy rate? The odds for success could be overwhelming. Yet the persistent faith of a handful of Pakistani Presbyterians continues to make a difference. Eight faculty work with 60 students in Gujranwala Theological Seminary to provide pastoral leadership for some 300 congregations. The Pakistan Bible Correspondence School provides 1500 enrollees with free course material. One half of those enrollees are non-believers. Two-thirds of them are incarcerated. Pakistan Christian Recording Ministries creates weekly general interest radio programs in three languages from a Christian perspective. DVDs, CDs, and cassette recordings are produced to make dramatized Bible stories and Christian music available for worship and instruction. FPCPA currently supports these vital ministries through the mission budget. Hold those who serve and are served by these efforts in your prayers..