Missions & Outreach


A big THANK YOU to everyone who donated school supplies and money for supplies...over $700 was received!! As a result of your generosity we were able to provide 40 pencil boxes filled with all needed supplies to the YMCA. The Y has been contracted by the school district to provide full time day care. Many of the children are from working-poor families. The Y Staff was extremely grateful to receive this support. Lucy Edwards also got 12 filled pencil boxes for her kindergarteners.

We were also able to supply two boxes of supplies to four of our grade schools that were made available on the days the parents and children met their teachers. Because of Covid many families have been out of work and these supplies were greatly needed.

Lastly, (in lieu of cookies) thanks to the Mission Committee and a specific donation, we supplied baskets of wrapped snacks and coffee pods to all five grade schools and Joyce High School. Teaching solely online this is an especially difficult time for the teachers and staff as they educate our children. This outreach, that was greatly appreciated by all, was a small way to let them know that the Presbyterian Church appreciates their hard work and dedication.

Again, thank you as all of these things were made possible through your wonderful generosity!! Sheri Stutesman