Community Life


Sunday , December 8th at 4:00 - 7:00 pm

Advent is approaching fast! What better way to kick off a great Advent season than to come to the Advent Event. If you are new to the church, I'll explain the event. The Advent Event is held on the first Sunday of December every year. It is a wonderful time that is multigenerational: ages babies through 100+ years! It starts with many craft stations where you can try your hand at making Christmas crafts. It includes some easy crafts for the younger kids, as well as some more complicated ones for the adults. It also includes the now famous “make your own swags” station from evergreens and holly. This is one of the most popular station. Where else can you get a great swag for your door, custom made by you?!

After the crafts, it is followed up by a soup dinner. There will be at least ten different kinds of homemade soups to choose from- so every taste and dietary restriction should be accommodated. After the delicious supper, we go into the church and watch a delightful Christmas play by our own children. When the play is over, we adjourn into the fellowship hall and we all enjoy a birthday cake for the baby Jesus. You can come for some of it, or all of it, but just come!

So what do you need to do now? If you have any children in your life, (your children, your grandchildren, your neighbor's children), have them come and be in the play. The practices are going to be on Sundays, November 3rd, 17th, & December 1st, at 11 AM in the Painted classroom downstairs. There will be parts for everyone, from very easy to more detailed.

If you have any evergreens, holly etc. that you are willing to cut and bring to the church for December 2nd, let us know. We can never have too much. We will have a collection area for the greens the week before December 2nd. If you are willing to cook one of the soups, please call Pam Fosnes at 452-4331 and let her know. This is one of the greatest events the church puts on. Don't miss this great family fun night! I hope to see you there! Pam Fosnes.

The Connection Center

THE CONNECTION CENTER - the place to seek information:

  • Sign-up sheets for ushers, coffee servers, Communion servers.
  • Sign-up sheets for fellowship activities.
  • Information about Sunday School classes - please see the Christian Education page.
  • General/specific info about First Presbyterian.
  • Directions for the building locations.

We need ushers to sign up please in the Connection Center.


SMILE! To all Members and Friends of the Church

Photographer Dave Logan will set up shop on the following Sundays: November 3, 10, and 17 in the foyer between services.
The purpose is to publish a pictorial directory SOON! So schedule your family and come! The Pictorial Album (sitting on the table in the foyer) will also be updated.