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The Connection Center

THE CONNECTION CENTER - the place to seek information:

  • Sign-up sheets for ushers, coffee servers, Communion servers.
  • Sign-up sheets for fellowship activities.
  • Information about Sunday School classes - please see the Christian Education page.
  • General/specific info about First Presbyterian.
  • Directions for the building locations.

Date: Sat July 21st, 5:00 pm
Place: The Hair's Garden Gazebo overlooking Straights (sun, shade) 681 Diamond Vista Drive
Directions: Turn north on Pine St., continue up on Black Diamond, then left on Hoare Rd, follow the balloons.
(about 3 1/2 miles from church)


July 20, 2018 (Friday) Dinner 6pm / Music 7pm-ish
Two years ago, a great idea was floated to me by Ted Mattie. He received a request from a Nashville-based Christian songwriting group to worship and play for us. Ted wanted to know my opinion. I responded with great enthusiasm. It was at this point that Ted pointed out to me, a newly minted Session and Worship&Music member, that it was now my responsibility to organize and promote the event. My enthusiasm was suddenly breathless, for at this point I had 2 weeks to promote and organize the event. God has been faithful as we have hosted John & Michaela as their ministry has blessed us.
This will be our third event with John & Michaela. The venue is our social hall including Anna Nichols and Penny Hall as the event opening. Randy is cooking his grandma’s country favorites for dinner – Grilled Chicken, Country fried steak, Baked potato, Biscuits, Salad, and other delights. This will be a small event seating limited to 60 (ten tables).

This will be a great show of talent that is “Nashville” quality and filled with the Lord’s spirit focusing on contemporary versions of historic hymns. Come prepared to give with your hearts and well – your wallets. John & Michaela spend 250+ days per year touring the country and this is our opportunity to support their ministry. 100% of the collection will go to John & Michaela.
For a reservation contact Randy Schuchardt at (360) 460-9955 or [email protected] If you leave a voice message I need your name, number attending, and phone number.