Community Life

The Connection Center

THE CONNECTION CENTER - the place to seek information:

  • Sign-up sheets for ushers, coffee servers, Communion servers.
  • Sign-up sheets for fellowship activities.
  • Information about Sunday School classes - please see the Christian Education page.
  • General/specific info about First Presbyterian.
  • Directions for the building locations.


School has started and it is time again to think about an opportunity to support our schools. This is our 10th year of volunteering in our schools. We are in four grade schools: Hamilton, Roosevelt, Jefferson and Dry Creek. Our involvement is greatly appreciated by children, teachers and staff.

Many of the tutoring jobs are as simple as reading one on one with a child or practicing basic math facts with flash cards. Most of the jobs are usually 1 hour, once a week. As well as tutoring, we are providing twice monthly baked cookies to the staff and teachers at three grade schools this year.
Contact Sherri Stutesman with any questions - 360-452-6139

We need ushers to sign up please in the Connection Center.



Sign-ups for the Church's 2019 "Dinners for Seven" will begin this month. These small group gatherings allow members to get to know each other on a more personal level, learning their hobbies, interests and worship experiences. Folks who sign up will be divided into groups of seven or eight individuals. Each group is to meet three times over a few months' time. Each group develops their individual meeting times, activity, locations, and menus. For the most part groups meet in members' homes for an evening meal, or a Sunday brunch or lunch. Usually the host and/or hostess provide the entree with other members providing the rest of the meal - appetizers, salads, vegetables, and dessert. Church policy is that no alcohol is served.

In the past some groups have decided to attend a play or other event, met at a restaurant for a meal, picnicked at a camp ground where a member was camping or took part in some other activity the group had selected. These small group gatherings allow its members to get to know each other on a more personal level, learning their hobbies, interests and worship experiences. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet folks who attend the other service and get to know those who attend the same service on a deeper level. We will be starting new 2019 groups after Easter.

Sign up sheets for "Dinners for Seven" are on the Connection Center in the Fellowship Hall. Questions: Rosalyn Taylor (360)477-4062.