February Letter

We've begun a new sermon series in the book of Mark. We'll be going through the entire book chapter by chapter and I trust that you will find as I do a deeper appreciation for what Mark writes, how it connects to the rest of scripture and how it relates to our lives. As we begin our time in the book of Mark it's helpful to keep in mind that his purpose in writing is to tell the story of Jesus. He writes in his own unique, succinct way, one story falling off his pen right after another. And, it's important to know that Mark writes with only one goal in mind: that his readers will all come to faith in this Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Messiah of the world. That's it. Mark wants us all to have faith in the Risen Lord Jesus Christ.

Faith. Sometimes don't you wonder what it really is? Mark gives us the answer all through the book, through the stories beginning in the very first chapter.