Our Annual Camp David All Church Retreat
Is right around the corner and I want to encourage you to COME! This will be my first Camp David Junior Adventure and I’m so excited to “retreat” with my church family: YOU! This is going to be an awesome time of playing games, (I’m bringing Bananagrams! Don’t know how to play this super fun game? I’ll teach you!) we’ll feast on ooy gooey smores, we’ll sing around the campfire, have grand Pinecone battles, and eat epic food provided by our very own resident chefs: Paul & Sheri Stutesman! Our Youth will entertain us with commercials like they did at Celebrate the Children, and lead us in foot-stomping, hand-clapping camp songs! We’ll dabble in arts & crafts, drink hot chocolate, sit around & gab to our hearts content, or just lean back dumbstruck & be-dazzled by our Artist God’s massive art project called: The Olympic Peninsula! Now why in the world would anyone want to miss all that and more?!? Well, the truth is we do find reasons to say “no” to fun & relaxation. But, I’m here to tell you that it’s really to our own detriment. Being intentional about making time for time away is super important.

Here’s what the experts recommend:

Increase Happiness & Meaning: Arthur Brooks (New York Times) reports that “there is empirical evidence that pursuing faith, family and community friendships is the surest way to increase happiness and meaning. Few dying patients regret over-investing in rich family lives, community ties and spiritual journeys.”

Increase Brain Power: Research by the University of California Irvine found that: “Vacations help reset your mind;” that: “time off tunes up a well-functioning brain.”

Increase Connections: Psychology expert Susan Krauss Whitbourne reports that “one of the biggest benefits” of taking time away from the daily grind “is how much it affects relationships….and increase bonding” which is crucial to a happy life.

Increase Health: Elaine Eaker, author of a study by the Framingham Heart Study reported that: “the stress of working can take a serious toll on your heart, and there is real evidence that vacations are important to your physical health. For both men and women, taking a (regular) vacation will lessen the risk of coronary heart disease or heartattacks.”

Time together out at Camp David is all about deepening our faith, strengthening our family and community connections! It will charge up your brain, be good for your heart & soul while expanding your sense of happiness, and meaning! So, don’t miss out!

Sign up at the office or at the Connection Center, and join us for a really, really good time with your church family!!
Pastor Wendy