June Letter

“There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.”
― John Calvin

Indeed John Calvin you were quite right: we are surrounded by so much to: “ make us rejoice! ” Perhaps it’s especially true in Port Angeles where we’re graced with majestic mountains on one side and lovely blue waters on the other. Everyday I thank God for the blessing of being in this lovely city....and for a time to be part of this very special congregation. YOU cause me to rejoice and here’s some reasons why: The All Church Retreat last week - end! WOW! It was such a beautiful time of fellowship, fun and food! Sheri & Paul Stutesman & Cindy Sofie cooked up meal after meal of the most scrumptious food! Katie Cobb & Leah Haworth led us enthusiastically in songs around the campfire where we were also wowed by Kate Weller’s spectacular ability to sing tongue twisting lyrics! It was so fun to see Isaac Mayo & Micah Hay race gleefully around together Sunday morning before Dan Cobb & Randy Schuchardt led us in worship. Todd Haworth delivered a great sermon while I listened joyfully holding baby Isaac Hay. I could get used to that! The whole week - end of games, a crackling fire, the loveliness of Lake Crescent and the SUPER good company of everyone there made for the Best Retreat I’ve ever been on! Thanks to all who made it happen and for Loretta Chapman to bunk with!

Also: we can for sure rejoice to have Anna Nichols joining our staff as Worship & Music Coordinator! We are grateful to her for sharing her experience, excellent skill, and creativity along with her passion for worship and devotion to Christ with us! Please see her “ Anna’s Epistle ” that will now be included in Highlights each month! Speaking of staff: Rick Leffler has an awesome Summer planned for our Youth! Parents & Youth! Mark your calendars and prepare to have a great summer along with some of our College students who are planning to join in on the fun! Elsie Oliver has not only transferred her membership from Wasilla Presbyterian in Alaska to our church but has brought her very popular bible study on Jesus’ Parables along with her! Your invited to join as Elsie leads this in - depth study on Tuesday mornings 10 - 11:30am. We also rejoice to welcome those stepping into important leadership roles: Deacons : Karen Walter & Jodee Force , and Vee Canning & Marty Melcher serving another term. Elders : Gary McRoberts, Kate Dexter and Bill Isenberger, with Coya Erickson serving another term. Please pray and support all our Deacons and Elders as they seek to serve Christ and His Church with creativity, passion and faithful devotion. I’ve run out of space....but not of people and ministries here at FPCPA to be grateful for! Let us rejoice & give thanks to God for his abundant blessings to us.