July Letter

Many of you have heard of eHarmony an on - line Christian relationship service right? I’ve heard (no I do not have personal experience here!) that it’s a great way for singles to find compatible long - term relation- ships. The founder, Dr. Neil Clark Warren who is a clinical psychologist did extensive research on relationships and found that: “ the most fruitful marriages involved highly compatible people while the marriages that ended involved people with core differences that were too difficult to resolve over time. ” His research and clinical work led him to creating eHarmony, a way of matching people on - line based on compatibility . Today eHarmony boasts that 438 people get married as a result of their compatibility matching . That’s pretty awesome! Compatibility is important. Not just for marriage partners, but for congregations and their Pastors as well! As we move forward toward calling a regular installed Pastor we’re happy that our denomination (PCUSA) has a way for us to make a compatible match through a web - site they developed: The Church Leadership Connection (CLC). In the not too distant future we’ll be signing on to the CLC with the hope of being “ matched up ” with a Pastor who’ll be most compatible with this congregation! It’s an exciting adventure we’re embarking on and I want you to know as much as possible about it!

Our first step toward signing on to the CLC is to engage in a Mission Study. Why? Because in order for there to be a compatible match made between us and our next Pastor we first have to be able to articulate who we are what we’re passionate about, and what we most want to do in the future for Christ, for His church, and for His world. We have to know how to communicate online who we are to potential Pastors, and a Mission Study will help us do just that. A Mission Study is simply a conversation we engage in together over a period of about 3 months to talk about who we ’ ve been in the past , who we are presently , and who we envision being in the future ! • This is an awesome opportunity for us to reflect on when we’re at our best and to tune into who God might be calling us to be now, and into the future! • This is our opportunity to determine together what qualities and ministry aspira- tions we ’ re seeking in our next Pastor! • This is our opportunity to define who we are for Pastors looking for a congregation. We want Pastors seeking a call to know as much about us as possible so that they too feel we ’ re a compatible match for them! Information is power for both the Pastor and the congregation! Our Mission Study is a very important step in making the most compatible match possible! We want the most fruitful, long lasting, healthy relationship possible with our next called Pastor and this Mission Study is a huge part of getting off to a great start! YOUR voice is so important! Each & every person in this congregation is essential to this conversation so please don ’ t miss out on the get together ’ s planned! Our first one will be on Wednesday, July 12th 6:30 - 8:30pm . We will meet in the Fellowship Hall and kick it off with an ice - cream bar! Cheers for that! We will be letting you know dates for following conversation times, so be on the look - out! At the end of our Mission Study the Mission Study Team (Paul Stutesman, Paula & Jim Mitchell, Coya Erickson, Ardith Schuchardt, Tom McCulloch and me) will pull together all the information YOU have provided us and we ’ ll write up a report of who YOU say we are and could be in the future! You will get that report and it will be used to post information on the CLC. Pastors seeking a congregation all over the coun- try will log on to the CLC and learn about who we are, and will be prayerfully deciding if they want to send us information about themselves based on what we post. And ,it all begins with our Mission Study and the information YOU provide us through our conver- sations! Please do mark your calendars, and come excited to join in on our conversation on July 12th ! Questions? Give me or anyone on the Mission Study Team a call! Blessings & Peace, Pastor Wendy