September Letter

Dear Friends in Christ,
God has a way of repurposing old pathways. This thought came to mind the other day as Arie and I explored Railroad Bridge Park. As we rode our bikes over the old trestle and looked down upon the Dungeness River, I could envision the days when the path beneath our tires was a bustling railway ferrying freight between Port Townsend and Port Angeles. The place where trains once chugged through forests, past farms, and along the scenic shoreline, is now home to cyclists, joggers, dog walkers, and bird-watchers. What a transformation!

This is not to say that such a transformation was an easy task to undertake. I am in awe of the foresight, logistics, and cost that went into transforming the Milwaukee Road to the popular trail so many enjoy today. I imagine it was probably a long journey in and of itself. Thankfully there were people with the vision and resourcefulness to make the plan a reality; breathing new life into a vital aspect of our region’s history

. New life in old paths is a theme we see in Scripture time and time again. Jacob and his family ventured to Egypt to escape a famine in Canaan. Four-hundred years later, Jacob’s descendants took the reverse journey on their way to becoming a nation. On that journey, God provided for them in the harsh wilderness and provided a law to guide them in their life as God’s chosen people. Paul traveled the road to Damascus as a persecutor of the church of Jesus Christ. Along the way, his life was transformed by a vision he had of Jesus. Later, Paul, now an apostle of the Lord, would venture to Jerusalem along that same road, armed with a vision for bringing the Good News to the Gentiles.

Similarly, God has a way of transforming the passages of our lives. For instance, the experience of loss can yield unexpected blessings over time. Scarcity can beget gratitude and generosity as faith in God’s provision overcomes the fear of not having enough. And the times when God seems so distant are often the ones, in retrospect, in which we realize how close God really is.

What journey do you find yourself on right now? What does the path beneath your feet feel like? Is it level and wide? Is it steep and narrow? Do you feel like you’re marching off into the wilderness or are you running home to the arms of a loving God? Know that whatever path you are on at the moment, God’s will is to breathe new life into our journeys and to make sure we are never alone as we undertake them.


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