October Letter

Dear Friends in Christ,

I hope you’ve noticed the number of opportunities there are this fall at FPCA for fellowship, discipleship, spiritual growth, and mission. There are opportunities to study the parables, to gather for an old fashioned cider pressing, to tutor in the schools, to take part in a small group for prayer, to discover your spiritual gifts, to join a Bible study, and so many other possibilities. It is really pretty awesome that a church of our size can support so many ways for people to connect with one another and with God. But with so many choices, how does one decide? It might be overwhelming, but it also might be easier than you think.

Here’s an example. A friend of mine was telling recently that he just started work-ing with a group of tweens—older elementary kids—at the church he has been attending for the last 18 months or so. I was intrigued by this because while I had known him to be active in worship, music, small groups, and mission, I had never envisioned him working with kids (though he’s quite at ease with them). When I asked him how this all came about, he said that someone had asked if he’d help with the tweens and he took it as a sign God was calling him to do something new. He’s just getting started, but so far he says he’s real-ly enjoyed it!

Can knowing how to get involved be that simple? It sure can be! God is speaking to us all the time with subtle reminders, little nudges, and even the direct ask through people we know. Sometimes what we hear from God makes sense, as it fits with what we’ve done before. Sometimes what we hear from God is something completely new, taking us in a direction we’d not considered.

Please take a look through the many opportunities we are offering this fall to grow closer to God and one another in Christian fellowship, study, and practice. Ask God to di-rect you to a fruitful path. And listen. You never know where God might be calling. And you never know when an invitation from a friend is actually an opportunity from God.


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