Properties, Building and Grounds


In 2017 the Session decided to separate the care of the building(s), grounds and properties from the financial, time and talent functions of the Stewardship Committee. Thus the BP&G committee was born to care for the church building itself, the garage, the rental properties, the handicapped parking lot, the church grounds and the van.
Along with that decision, the need for an operations manual was identified. Needless to say that heavily involves the work of this new committee.

We now have begun that work by putting into writing and effect the following:

  • Accident and injury reporting mechanisms
  • Bomb threat procedure and report
  • Building use policy and agreement for use of the building by others
  • Defined the coordination of thermostats and furnaces
  • Defined the fire suppression systems
  • Elevator inspection procedure
  • Fire and smoke emergency procedure
  • Kitchen use policy Opening and closing procedures
  • Proposed a new key distribution system

Two other things required continuing concern throughout the year.

No one is happy with the dishwashing capacity of the dish sanitizing system currently in use. Consultations with the manufacturer have prompted the increase of the hot water temperature along with the installation of a timer to conserve energy in the off-use hours. (Provision was made to divert this hotter water from the handicapped bathroom tap.) This has not proven satisfactory. We are currently arranging for a telephone conference between the plumber familiar with the setup and the manufacture’s representative. We have the option of course of a $17,000+ new dishwasher system but would like to exhaust all other possibilities first.

Next was the appearance and safety of the north stairs. Heavy, gritted, non-slip tread covers with a yellow safety band at the leading edge have been applied with mastic and mechanical fasteners. This hopefully will eliminate the stairs as a problem. The risers can be repainted when the weather is warmer and dry.