Properties, Building and Grounds

The Property, Building and Grounds Committee oversees the use, upkeep and safety of the Church building and contents, the church grounds, the handicapped parking lot, a van and two rental properties. We coordinate congregational members, staff, and outside contractors to complete projects.

One of the rental houses was renovated and is now home to a new family.

Two inveterate painters turned the entry by the kitchen into a faux-marbleized work of art.

Hardy volunteers spread more than 60 yards of bark around the building.

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The library has been converted into a classroom/meeting room.

Planning for 2017-2018 includes restriping and stenciling the handicapped parking lot north of the sanctuary.

We are very interested in improving security and security awareness in and around the church. We will hold a fire drill and safety meeting with the Session and Deacons this fall so that they may be prepared leaders in the event of a fire or other need to evacuate the building. We invite and encourage the congregation as a whole to join us in the church’s care and well-being.