PNC update May

The PNC continues to meet weekly. Since last month we are in full search mode. We have received training from Corey Schlosser-Hall on the process of evaluating the candidates, the position is listed on the PC (USA) website and we have received 40 applications with more continuing to come in.
We have updated our church website to include information regarding our search and have completed our church Promotional Poster which will be sent to potential candidates.
By the end of the March we will have evaluated 40 Personal Information Forms (applications) as we work to compile a list of the top 10 candidates. The Committee is working very well together and we ask that you continue to pray for our guidance and discernment as we move through the process.
Your PNC, Todd Haworth, Pat Hyden, Cynthia Isenberger, Sarah Mattson, Jason Mayo, Paula Mitchell and Paul Stutesman