Session Information

Our session consisting of 12 elders and moderated by Pastor Matt oversees the work and mission of First Presbyterian Church. They meet monthly to monitor the activities of the committees of the church. 

Session assignments: Building, Grounds & Properties, Mike Hansen and Paul Stutesman; Christian Education, Paula Mitchell; Community Life, Ardith Hansel; Mission & Outreach, Wayne Brown; Personnel, Coya Erickson and Kate Dexter; Stewardship, Paul Stutesman; Worship & Music, Randy Schuchardt and Bruce Emery; Hospitality (ad hoc, Kate Dexter, Sarah Mattson and Ardith Hansel).


Beginning Balance - $21,346.94
January – July Income – $192,147.00
January – July Expenses - $186087.99
Ending Balance - $28365.23
July 31, 2019