Pledge Commitment Sunday, November 8

To the Body of Christ at First Presbyterian,
We are thankful for all your support in 2020. As we look ahead to 2021 our hope and prayers are to not only continue, but through the Holy Spirit, expand the Ministry and Mission of our Church. Our resolve is to serve the Lord and love our neighbors. Your pledges and support help make this possible. So please submit your pledges by this coming Sunday, November 8, so we can fulfill God’s call to share our hope in Christ in this unprecedented time.
We wish you well and thanks be to God for all His blessings!
Your Stewardship Committee

Session Information

Our session consisting of 12 elders and moderated by Pastor Matt oversees the work and mission of First Presbyterian Church. They meet monthly to monitor the activities of the committees of the church. 

The Session met via Zoom on Monday, December 21 at 7 pm and the following actions were taken:

  • Approved consolidation of FPCPA emergency/benevolence funds, with the option for members of the congregation to contribute to this fund. If the total in the fund falls below $3000, the Missionary Committee will request additional funding in their annual committee operating budget.
  • Approved Pastor Matt’s terms of call for 2021, to be present at the Annual Congregational meeting in January. The terms of call include: salary of $80,640, of which $27,000 is designated as Housing.
    Compensation would also include: $21,773 for Medical, $6,855 for Pension, $806 for Death & Disability, $403 for Temporary Disability, $1635 for Dental insurance, $160 for Vision Insurance, $4100 for SECA, and $4,000 for Reimbursable expenses, including Continuing Education, Books, Travel & Hospitality. Other annual benefits as required by the Presbytery of the Northwest Coast include Holidays/ 10 days, Sick Leave/10 days; and Study Leave/10 days; plus a Sabbatical every 7 years
  • Approved the job description for a temporary custodian position, with this position to be filled until in-person
    worship would resume and a more full-time position will be needed.
  • Approved treating Per Capita contributions as a pass-through item for accounting purposes.
  • Approved the 2021 Annual Church Budget, including some changes in where the 14.5% Mission income will come from (10% from the budget and 4.5% from current church investments).
  • Approved setting the Annual Congregational Meeting for 12:30 pm on January 31, 2021, with the meeting to be held via Zoom.
  • Approved purchasing a new heat pump for the front office at a total of $9,521.66.


Year-to-date Income: $289,995
Total budgeted for the year: $373,930
Year-to-date Expenses: $300,735
Total budgeted for the year: $382,401