The Session has hired the Reverend Wendy Taylor as the Interim Pastor on the recommendation of the Transitional Ministry Team (TMT), members Chuck Whitney, Rosalie Doty, Rainy Birch, Carrie Cobb, Todd Haworth, and Presbytery liaison David Eekhoff.

Wendy Taylor comes to us as Interim Pastor after serving three churches in the Olympia Presbytery as an Interim. She was also the director of Caring Ministries of the First Presbyterian Church in Santa Rosa, California for 8 years. She received her Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in California in 2007.
Even before her ordination, and throughout her ministry, Wendy has had a strong desire to live the Gospel, not just hear it. She wants to inspire the congregations in which she serves to do the same. Wendy has been involved in programs for children & youth, and participated in mission trips. She is also very interested in community involvement wherever she is serving as an Interim.
Wendy enjoys outdoor activities and has a strong family connection to the Pacific NW. Her term of service will began September 12th and, with God’s blessing, she will serve until a permanent pastor is selected by you, the members of this congregation.

With Pastor Wendy heavily involved with pastoral and administrative tasks, the TMT recommended that an outside consultant be brought in to assist us in the Mission Study process. They advised Wendy to work with our Session and they chose the team of Corey Schossler-Hall and Tom Patterson, from the Presbytery and who are both familiar with our church. The Mission Study is a vital part of both attracting and evaluating the best candidate for our next pastor. Given that it’s been an extremely long time since such a study has been completed, and that we are a church heavily involved with community stewardship, awareness, and maturing in our faith, securing a consultant with significant expertise will only enhance our process towards attracting the best candidate to serve as our future pastor.

Session Information

Our session consisting of 12 elders and moderated by Pastor Wendy oversees the work and mission of First Presbyterian Church. They meet monthly to monitor the activities of the committees of the church. Approved revised committee titles and adding two new committees:
1. Christian Education, formerly Education and Nurture.
2. Missions and Outreach, formerly Missions.
3. Community Life, formerly Outreach and Fellowship
4. Personnel, same.
5. Building and Grounds, formerly Stewardship.
6. Time, Talent, and Treasures, formerly Stewardship.
7. Technology, a new committee.
8. Special Projects, a new committee.
9. Worship and Music, same.

In June, the Session Reviewed and accepted the Financial Report through May 31, 2017:

Our dedication and God’s grace, we will meet our goals.
Beginning 2017 Balance - $357.05
January – March Income - $78,471.59
April- May Income – $ 48,962.39
January – March Expenses - $78,333.22
April - May Expenses – $ 56,485.75
Ending Balance - $6,126.16