Session Information

Our session consisting of 12 elders and moderated by Pastor Matt oversees the work and mission of First Presbyterian Church. They meet monthly to monitor the activities of the committees of the church. <

Session assignments: Building, Grounds & Properties, Mike Hansen and Paul Stutesman; Christian Education, Paula Mitchell; Community Life, Ardith Hansel; Mission & Outreach, Wayne Brown; Personnel, Coya Erickson and Kate Dexter; Stewardship, Paul Stutesman; Worship & Music, Randy Schuchardt and Bruce Emery; Hospitality (ad hoc, Kate Dexter, Sarah Mattson and Ardith Hansel).

The Session met at on Monday December 16th at 7 pm and the following actions were taken:

  • Approved the request from Randy Schuchardt to resign his position on Session, with heartfelt appreciation for his more than 3 years of service.
  • Approved a 2.4% Cost of Living Adjustment for 2020 for Rev. Matt Paul and all church employees, with the exception of Lauren Corder due to her recent hire.
  • Approved the church budget for 2020.
  • Approved a contract with Aplos for financial bookkeeping and Gusto for payroll.
  • Approved the Session Covenant:

As members of FPCPA Session, we agree to:

  • Come to meetings prepared and on time.
  • Keep discussion comments relevant and on task.
  • Work for consensus when appropriate. Reach an agreement about which motions need to be decided by consensus and which can be decided by a majority vote.
  • Be able to explain the rationale for a decision or position whether or not we personally agree with it.
  • Hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and honor one another by keeping confidential the views and votes of individual Session members.
  • Use whatever gifts we have to create and nurture a productive working en-vironment for the Session.
  • Participate in the conversation, being honest and sharing what we think and feel.
  • Ensure that all voices are heard and look for opportunities to provide space for others to speak.
  • Extend grace to fellow Session members.


Beginning Balance - $21,346.94
January – November Income – $293,574.11
January – November Expenses - $297,386.06
Ending Balance - $18,494.27
November 30, 2019

The Safety Committee has proposed and the Session has approved the role of safety steward. Beginning in October, an elder or deacon acting as safety steward will monitor the fellowship hall, the east entry areas and the nursery for the comings and goings of those entering the church. We will also begin having assigned point of contact persons at each service. The job of the POCs is to attend to people in or causing distress during or after service.