Although the erstwhile Stewardship Committee is now officially titled “Time, Talent, and Treasures,” the idea is the same: the stewardship of our time, the stewardship of our talents, the stewardship of our treasure. The Bible reminds us over and over that when we give whatever we have we are blessed. Jesus tells the parable of the good Samaritan in response to the question of who our neighbor is. However, as is true of all Jesus’ parables, this one tells us so much more. The Samaritan was a man of means, perhaps a businessman, since he traveled with a donkey. He was headed somewhere, due somewhere, expected by those waiting for him. His time was valuable. And yet, without hesitation the Samaritan stopped to help the injured man. He spent a good deal of his time tending to the man, getting him onto the donkey, taking him to an inn, caring for him, and giving instructions to the innkeeper. The Samaritan certainly used what talents he had to clean and bind the man’s wounds. Not only did the Samaritan give what he had of his time and talents but he also gave of his treasure—paying the innkeeper for feeding and housing the injured man and even promising to pay him more on the return journey if necessary. When it comes to our time, talents, and treasure, let’s all pay heed to Jesus’ charge: “Go and do likewise.


It's responsibilities are to oversee the church's finances, conduct pledge drives, and provide stewardship education.


It's responsibilities are maintaining the building and grounds. They coordinate congregational members and outside contractors to complete projects.


We are pleased to report that the church's financial state and physical plant are both in good condition.  We are blessed with a joyfully generous congregation, not only in its temporal giving, but also those who remember the church in their individual estate planning.

Our church building is well-used. Besides our own use of the sanctuary and ancillary areas, many groups are accommodated on a voluntary donation basis, which has aided in enhancing income.  Of course, the blessing of increased use of a larger facility results in increased operation and maintenance costs.

Some recent activities that have involved the Stewardship Committee are:

  • We have been blessed with the addition of Paul Smithson to staff as Assistant to the Pastor.
  • The buttresses on the east side of the building have been repaired and stabilized.
  • The south stairs exiting from the nursery wing were replaced and the surround repaired.
  • The basement hallway and High School Sunday School room were repainted.
  • The office, interior hall, and workroom were repainted.
  • Workspace on the second floor was provided for the Youth Director.
  • An automatic door opener was installed at the north entry as well as the hardware and locks and windows replaced.
  • An automatic defibrillator has been installed in Fellowship Hall.
  • The north entrance doors, railings, and sign supporting structure have been cleaned and painted.
  • The second floor classroom has been fitted with reversible ceiling fans and insulating cellular shades to improve energy efficiency and user comfort. It has also been repainted.
  • The second floor unused kitchen has been freshened up and repurposed for storage by the Outreach and Fellowship and Mission Committees.

We are pleased that the Session has approved plans to improve the appearance of the north entry to make it more attractive and inviting as it is the most used entry to the building. Plans are being formulated to revise the stairway and railings and to add a protective cover overhead before the new pastor arrives.

We are also in the process of renovating the rental house on West 7th. An evaluation was conducted to determine what would be necessary to restore the house to a good, livable condition in order to decide whether to rent it again, or to turn the property to some other use.  It has been decided that the house can be restored and rented so that it can continue to generate income for the work of the church.  That restoration is underway at this writing.

Of course none of this happens without you, the congregation, with your generous monetary support, but also your physical labor. Thank you.

Your Stewardship Committee:
                      Carol Foss, Moderator, Jason Mayo, Grant Meiner, Pat Hyden, Mark Smith, Dennis Edgington,                                 Marlene Lewis, and Jim Lewis.