Time, Talents, and Treasures


Most of us, at one point or another, have confused stewardship with the church’s need to receive. The reality is that stewardship is about directing our time, talent, and treasure toward God’s purposes as a personal response to God’s goodness. As we grow in generosity, we grow in faith. This is the essence of what Jesus means in Matthew 6:21 when he says, “where you treasure is, there your heart will be also.” There is a direct relationship between where our money goes and how our hearts grow.

See Pastor Matt's Stewardship Letter 

 Stewardship Campaign Highlights

There were 75 pledges in 2020 (an increase of four). Money pledged in 2020 is $283,030, a 4% increase from 2019. Twenty-seven pledge amounts were increased over last year, and 15 new pledges from mostly new members were received. Previous and new pledges together show 60% of those pledging have increased their pledge amounts from last year! "Where our treasure is, so will our hearts be also" Matt. 6:21.
Thank you for all your prayers, your giving, and your faithfulness. God is good!