When  he  separated  the  light  from  the  dark,  God  gave  us Time,  and  we  have  been  using  and  abusing  it  ever  since.    We are obsessed with time.  Pre-history shows evidences of man’s efforts to record time with rocks and obelisks.  The sun dial is at  least  2,300  years  old.   Hundreds  of  thousands  of  time-keeping  instruments  have  been  invented  over  the  centuries — hour  glasses,  water clocks, pendulum clocks, watches, chronometers, atomic clocks, and cell phones. The Oxford English Dictionary has six pages of definitions for time.  The King James  Bible  has  623  references  to  time.    Ultimately,  God  wants  us  to  be  wise stewards of time — our own time, time we have for others, and time with God (not necessarily in that order!)A wise steward manages time as well as money.  Most of us agree that managing time  is  actually  harder  than  managing  money.    There  must  be  a  balance  between using too little of our time and using too much.  The August Highlights will explore our stewardship of time further since there is not enough time to do so now...


It's responsibilities are to oversee the church's finances, conduct pledge drives, and provide stewardship education.


It's responsibilities are maintaining the building and grounds. They coordinate congregational members and outside contractors to complete projects.

The Session met Thursday, June 15, 2017 and took the following actions:

•Reviewed and accepted the Financial Report through May 31,2017
•Accepted the Transfer of Membership for Barb and BobPappas from Liberty Pres., Delaware, Ohio to our Church
•Approved extending Interim Pastor Wendy Taylor’s positionfor an additional year
•Approved the purchase of new white paraments for the Sanctuary
•Approved the presentation of “A Living Last Supper” on Maundy Thursday, 2018
•Approved Rev. Bob Slater to preach August 28, 2017
•The Sessionwill not be meeting in July


We are pleased to report that the church's financial state and physical plant are both in good condition.  We are blessed with a joyfully generous congregation, not only in its temporal giving, but also those who remember the church in their individual estate planning.

Our church building is well-used. Besides our own use of the sanctuary and ancillary areas, many groups are accommodated on a voluntary donation basis, which has aided in enhancing income.  Of course, the blessing of increased use of a larger facility results in increased operation and maintenance costs.

We are pleased that the Session has approved plans to improve the appearance of the north entry to make it more attractive and inviting as it is the most used entry to the building. Plans are being formulated to revise the stairway and railings and to add a protective cover overhead before the new pastor arrives.

We are also in the process of renovating the rental house on West 7th. An evaluation was conducted to determine what would be necessary to restore the house to a good, livable condition in order to decide whether to rent it again, or to turn the property to some other use.  It has been decided that the house can be restored and rented so that it can continue to generate income for the work of the church.  That restoration is underway at this writing.

Of course none of this happens without you, the congregation, with your generous monetary support, but also your physical labor. Thank you, Your Stewardship Committee: