God and Your Stuff : The Vital Link Between Your Possessions and Your Soul, Wesley K. Willmer with Martyn Smith, 2002
This is a must-read book, one that presents an exciting lifechanging concept for those of us who are serious about intensifying our Christian walk with God. Willmer doesn’t give us a sugarcoated pill of stewardship theory to swallow; he is a modern-day prophet who tells us things we don’t necessarily want to hear much less chew thoroughly before swallowing. Stewardship, Willmer states, “…is God’s design for living as Christians in a nonChristian world through how we give of our time, talents, and money. Stewardship is God’s way of raising people, not man’s way of raising money.” Specifically, “our use of possessions demonstrates materially where we are spiritually.”
A brief summary of chapters should be enough to persuade all who are concerned with their souls to read the entire book.

  •  God’s Map for Your Stuff and Your Soul – outlines three ways God links our possessions and our souls
  •  Spiritual Growth and Your Stuff – shows the importance of spiritual formation and soul development as tied to our possessions
  •  Marks of a Mature Steward – provides a chart correlating the stages of soul maturity with faith characteristics and evidence in use of possessions
  •  How Then Shall You Become a Faithful Steward? – suggests ways we are able to be faithful stewards
  •  Lessons from Earlier Christians – a look at how early Christians dealt with possessions (Anne Bradstreet, John Wesley, Charles Grandison Finney, and others)
  •  How Did We Get Here? – describes how the church has succumbed to cultural influences over the years (”…secular approaches to fund-raising have emerged…even in our churches.”)
  •  When Everyone Has Their Hands Out – how to deal with endless appeals by developing a philosophy of giving
  •  What you should Expect from Your Church – “The problem is that the focus is on guilt to meet church needs, rather than on use of possessions as a way to grow spiritually.”
  •  What Families and Educators Should Be Doing – necessity for meaningful stewardshipeducation in Christian families, colleges, and seminaries
  •  Keeping Your Soul Alive – ten concrete suggestions for revitalizing the roots of stewardship in our church.


It's responsibilities are to oversee the church's finances, conduct pledge drives, and provide stewardship education.


  • The Session met Wednesday, October 18, 2017 and took the following actions:
  • Reviewed and accepted the Financial Report through September 30, 2017.
  • Approved Buildings, Grounds and Properties Committee disposing of contents of garage at 7th Street rental property.
  • Continued discussion of improving building security.
  • Approved reserving one Sunday School period each month for a Youth Activity for Middle and High School students.
  • Approved the Mission Committee select and disburse the $5,000 tithe from two bequests to recipients with emphasis on local organizations.
  • Approved Stewardship committee's recommendations regarding various investments of the church.
  • The next meeting will be Monday, November 13 at 7 PM.


We are pleased to report that the church's financial state and physical plant are both in good condition.  We are blessed with a joyfully generous congregation, not only in its temporal giving, but also those who remember the church in their individual estate planning.