The youth today are being bombarded with overwhelming displays of non-Christian ethics, degrading morality, and challenges we as adults never dealt with as youths. We believe it is more important than ever that our youths get to know God and develop that central focus on Him. Christ needs to be our focus, just as Peter who, when he took his eyes off Jesus, sank in the water when he stepped out of the boat. We believe that we need to nurture our youth to seek God first, and then His righteousness will be freely given. This is our calling, a mutual journey in faith.
The plan is to help our youth connect with God in a deeper and stronger way through scripture, faith building activities, team building games and song. Please partner with me in this important ministry by helping your children find the time and encouraging them to attend. Growing in God leads to an abundant life, which is God's promise. Join us in the journey! Rick Leffler, Youth Director.


Looking forward. Here is  the scheduled youth activities through the month of October. Nothing is concrete but it’s more than just tentative. I’m more or less flooding the calendar to provide more opportunities for the youth to get plugged into church activities amidst their busy schedules.




Youth in the News. This past month we saw Evan Cobb winning in several doubles tennis matches, and both Emma Weller and Erin Edwards both showing great swimming times in freestyle and breast stroke. Good job to our athletes. We also have youth involved in cross-country (Katie Cobb), soccer (Shinia Kildall), swimming (Adam Weller), tennis (Summer Olsen), gymnastics (Miriam Cobb), and football (Ben Clemens). Hope I didn’t miss anyone. Please let me know if I did. Any ways keep an eye to thesports page for our young athletes. Last month the Pathfinders high adventure activity brought us down to sea level and went Kayaking on Freshwater Bay. Branden Sofie,Jack Clemens, Peter Zelenka, and Marcus DeGroot were accompanied by Brittney Sofie, Bill Isenberger and myself. The weather was sunny and warm and we even saw a familyof sea otters. We followed up the day on the water with pizza at Eastside. Along with that activity we shared our time with a couple of trips out to Olympic Peninsula Humane Society, doing various supportive duties. Our volunteering at the humane society has become a scheduled bi-monthly activity that we all enjoy. A total of 10 different youth have participated in this activity. Many have gone repeatedly. We have a couple of scheduled meetings on Oct 8th and 22nd and also two trips to the humane society on Oct 14th and 28th.
Thank you for your time. That is all for now. - Rick Leffer

Looking forward to our Costume Bowling Party scheduled for Oct 29th.
Meet in your Sunday School classrooms and after a brief devotional, we will head over the Laurel Lanes.  Lunch is provided and both middle and high schoolers are welcome.  There are three lanes reserved, so let's go bowling!

For a big picture look at Pathfinders activity schedule, check the church web site at or there is a posted schedule at the Connection Center.

Ministry Rocks

Just wanting to briefly share with you a new and exciting activity that our youth group is engaged in. Last week at our monthly meeting, we began painting what we are calling, “Ministry Rocks”. Flat rocks of varying sizes colorfully painted with a spiritual message or Bible verse on one side and on the other side the youth groups name. Once we have painted around 30 rocks or so, we will go out and place them around town. The rocks are later found by others walking around and hopefully and prayerfully bring that person some spiritual uplift. Remember “It only takes a spark to get a fire going.”  If you don’t know the rest of that song, we can teach you.